The Broom Closet

Hello lovely readers! I’m here to talk about the ever infamous broom closet! I’m sure many of you know what being in the broom closet means, but for those of you who don’t, it’s the term used to describe being a secret witch. I personally have had to hide in the broom closet, since I … More The Broom Closet

Coven Politics

In around May of this year (2015, for future archeologists finding this post archived on some strange machine), I joined a coven.  Not a traditional coven, however.  I wasn’t initiated into the coven under the light of the full moon with my coven-mates standing around me chanting.  No, this coven was spread far across the … More Coven Politics


Hey guys!  If you read the title, you have an inkling about the focus of this post already.  Phoenix and Fox Witchery is changing a bit; we’re adding a lion to this little show.  After some thinking lately, I realized that a blog that only featured my opinions wasn’t really the best idea.  I do … More #NewBlogger

Am I Really Pagan? and Other Relevant Musings

I’ve been thinking a lot as of late.  I mean, I guess thinking is a little inaccurate; it’s more like I’ve been having an extended existential crisis.  During this, I have discovered something starling: I don’t know what I believe.  And while I guess that I’ve always known this is, I just started to recognize … More Am I Really Pagan? and Other Relevant Musings

Being Young

I’m young. I’m not going to lie about that.  I am very young, in the grand scheme of pagans who consider themselves podkin or blogkin or at all a larger name in the witchy community.  I’m not the youngest witch I know, but I still feel like I’m too young.  Because of that feeling, I’m … More Being Young